40/40 Vision, Solo Exhibition, Rochester  Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

Regulated Garbage, Juried Exhibition, Shockboxx Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Unfair Trade, Juried Exhibition, House of Shadows,
Tampa FL

Saints Preserve Us, Juried Exhibition, The Yards, Rochester, NY

Artists Row, Juried Exhibition, Rochester Public Market, Rochester, NY


Prints for Prude, Juried Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY                        

Melanated Masterpieces, Juried Exhibition,  Blackwater Theater, Tampa, FL

Erica Bryant (b. 1981) uses discarded bits of paper to report on happenings in the dream world. Self-taught, she draws inspiration from the work of James Hampton, Purvis Young, Josephine Tota, and the Gees Bend Quilters.  Her collages have been exhibited in galleries in California, Florida and New York, including a solo exhibition “40/40 Vision” at Rochester Contemporary Art Center. She was born in Rochester, New York, during a mid-April snowstorm.

Artist Statement
My work honors images  created by the unconscious. With hand-cut pieces of discarded magazines, I am creating an archive of dreams. I seek to preserve,  valuable ideas and inventions that might otherwise fade in the waking world. When people look at my work, I want them to enjoy the freedom of being asleep, when the constraints of time, space, and logic don’t apply.